Aching, Aging Joints? Try a Laser!

Aching, Aging Joints? Try a Laser!

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No, we’re not referring to the weapon used in a Star Wars movie but a very specific beam of light that has healing powers. This incredible, therapeutic light is completely pain-free, side-effect free, non-invasive, and helps both cats and dogs who are suffering from arthritis and joint pain (either acute or chronic). Therapeutic lasers can even help heal wounds and incision sites after surgery! This beam of light emits no heat (which can cut and burn skin) and is applied to the surface of the skin. Nerd alert! The cold lasers we use work on the mitochondria, or the part of a cell that produces energy for the cell (also called ATP or Adenosine triphosphate). The frequency of the laser beam excites mitochondria and encourages the cell to go through it’s life cycle more rapidly, thus speeding up the healing and regenerative process. For those fellow science lovers who crave an extra nerd-fest, take a peek at some of the studies done on mobilizing mitochondria and cold laser therapy application:


Article 1        Article 2       Article 3

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Each of our patients is unique and needs a custom plan as to the frequency and length of treatment. In critters with more chronic issues (like arthritis), this type of therapy may help increase mobility, so you may notice more playfulness and movement. This also means you may be able to decrease (or in some cases eliminate) the need for pain medications. If you feel your pet could be benefit from this, please contact us!

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