When we need coverage of vacation time, Dr. Lisa Rattray is our locum veterinarian to make certain our patients continue to receive the highest level of care.

Dr. Lisa has been associated with our clinic since she first began coming here with her family pets more than 20 years ago, then volunteering as a teenager. She worked here part time while she went through high school and then university, earning her honours Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology. Lisa graduated from the University of Glasgow Veterinary Medicine and Surgery program. Lisa is currently the Head Veterinarian at the Emergency Clinic of York Region.

Lisa lives with her husband, Matt, and Tilly, a “Portie” – Portuguese Water Dog. Tilly certainly keeps them busy – she has been a source of joy and entertainment as she grew from her tiny puppy self to the big girl she is today! When not working, Lisa enjoys traveling – she has been to most of Europe and many other exotic places!