After breaking free from our winter hibernation, we’re finally able to enjoy being outdoors. If camping or cottaging are on the agenda this summer, it’s important that you consider your pets’ health and safety.

It is a common misconception that all animals love to travel. While a small percentage of pets enjoy a car ride, many animals have motion sickness or anxiety while travelling. Constant lip licking, salivating, and pacing are clues that your animal is not a happy traveller. The active ingredients found in both Gravol and Benadryl may help suppress nausea and excitement while travelling. Also, Anxitane (a supplement containing amino acids that help to control the neurochemicals that regulate fear and anxiety) is a more natural approach to help calm anxious pets. Before administering any medications to your pet, it is critical that you contact us so that we may provide the correct dosage requirements.

June 17.14 - Dog in harnessBefore travelling, it is important that you ensure that your pets will commute safely within your vehicle. Unfortunately, we have treated animals due to injuries sustained following a motor vehicle accident. Animals that are not properly restrained are often distracting to their owners and may crowd the steering wheel or pedals. Also, pets may feel inclined to jump out of a moving vehicle. Travelling harnesses (secured to the back seat of your vehicle) and pet carriers (for the smaller furry critters) are two methods by which your pets can travel safely in the car.

June 17.14 - Ralphie in life jacket

If you are destined for a trip to the cottage or camping this summer, it is also important that you prepare for your pet accordingly. Heartworm and tick-borne disease testing should be done in the springtime and preventive treatments should be given each month for six months starting June 1st. Also, for those critters that are prone to ear infections, remember to bring cotton balls and ear cleansers that should be used after your pet goes for a swim. And for those pets that like to swim and are prone to hot spots, please make sure that you are properly drying your animals after water play. Lastly, for those pets that enjoy boating adventures, please outfit your dog with a lifejacket. Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when travelling with your pets.