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  • Heartworm-Positive Cases

    One of the most reputable and popular veterinary laboratories in Ontario reported heartworm-positive rates increased almost 1700% from 2012 to 2017! No, that percentage is not a typo and, yes, you’ve read that correctly. That’s a terrifying number considering there are many more pets that go undiagnosed every year! One of the factors that contributes to this is the growing number of international adoptions from heartworm-positive endemic areas in the United States. Rescue agencies are … Read More »

  • Enriching Your Indoor Cat’s Life

    If indoor cats don’t have much to do all day, they can get bored. This can lead to behavioral problems like house soiling or aggression. Enrich your indoor cat’s life with some of these ideas from a Richmond Hill veterinary professional. Toys Make sure your cat has plenty of toys, and switch them up every once in a while so your cat doesn’t get tired of them. Most cats love toys that mimic the movements … Read More »

  • Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

    Your beloved pet is every bit a member of the family as you are, and of course you’ll want to include him in the holiday festivities. Follow these tips from a Richmond Hill veterinarian to keep your pets safe this holiday season. Tree Safety If you’re setting up a tree this year, make sure it’s securely anchored so it won’t tip and fall should your pet bump into it. Avoid tinsel, as cats see the … Read More »

  • Cold Weather Tips for Pets

    The cold winter months bring many hazards for our pets, not limited to the chilly temperatures! Follow these tips from a Richmond Hill veterinarian to keep your pet safe this winter. Bring Your Pet Inside Never leave your pet outside for extended periods of time when it’s cold out. Even if they want to go out and play in the snow, limit their time in the cold and have them come back in every once … Read More »

  • Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Owners

    Do you know what’s scarier than the costumes, movies, and pranks of Halloween? Dealing with a dog emergency caused by a holiday mishap! Keep your pooch safe and sound this Halloween with these tips from a Richmond Hill veterinarian. Treats Aren’t for Dogs Keep all the chocolate goodies that abound during Halloween to yourself—as most pet owners know, chocolate will cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, and even seizures and other serious symptoms if ingested. Also … Read More »

  • Keeping Your Pet Safe in Hot Weather

    As the weather gets warmer, our pets will likely want to venture outdoors to frolic in the sun. Let your pet do so, by all means, but also consider these safety guidelines from your Richmond Hill veterinarian. Hydration and Shade Hydration and shade are the two most important factors for keeping your pet safe in hot summer weather. Provide plenty of cool, fresh water for your pet to drink, and make sure there are shady … Read More »

  • Giving Your Cat a Pill

    If you’ve ever had to give your cat a pill, you know how difficult it can be! Try these three methods for administering a pill to your feline. Crushing Method Sometimes, you can simply crush up a pill and sprinkle it over your cat’s food. Use a mortar and pestle, a spoon, or any object that works for you, and crush the pill in to a fine powder. Carefully sprinkle it on your cat’s food. … Read More »

  • Advice on Pet Dental Care

    Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums clean is an important part of his or her overall health care plan, and should be something that you incorporate into your daily routine with your animal companion. Without the proper care, your pet’s mouth can become a haven for bacteria, which can eventually lead to dental disease, a much more serious medical condition that can cause problems throughout your pet’s entire body. Here are some helpful tips from … Read More »