Pandemic Puppy

Congratulations on your new puppy! There is nothing better than sweet puppy cuddles and kisses to melt your troubles away during this continuing unprecedented time.COVID puppies are spending their entire days in close proximity with their loved ones with little to no contact with the outside world. As a result, they are [...]

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Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Do you know what’s scarier than the costumes, movies, and pranks of Halloween? Dealing with a dog emergency caused by a holiday mishap! Keep your pooch safe and sound this Halloween with these tips from a Richmond Hill veterinarian. Treats Aren’t for Dogs Keep all the chocolate goodies that abound during Halloween to yourself—as most [...]

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Don’t Believe These Common Cat Myths

Believing the false fibs that have grown up around cat culture isn’t only incorrect, it can be hazardous to your cat’s health if you believe something that’s not true! Here, your Richmond Hill veterinarian discusses three cat myths that you shouldn’t put any stock in. Cats Always Land on Their Feet Cats are agile and [...]

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Camping and Travelling with your Pets

After breaking free from our winter hibernation, we’re finally able to enjoy being outdoors. If camping or cottaging are on the agenda this summer, it’s important that you consider your pets’ health and safety. It is a common misconception that all animals love to travel. While a small percentage of pets enjoy a car ride, many [...]

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Another Dog Succumbs to Heatstroke

Recent news has informed the public about the death of another dog that suffered from heatstroke after overheating in a car. Though you may be shaking your head thinking, “Despite all of the media attention, are people still leaving their animals in vehicles?” – the answer is yes! In fact, the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society received [...]

We have Positive Cases of Heartworm and Lyme Disease!

Are annual heartworm and tick-borne screening tests absolutely necessary for my dog? I only take my dog for walks – is my dog really at risk for developing heartworm or tick-borne diseases? Are preventive treatments truly necessary? These are among the most common questions that we are asked about testing for vector-borne diseases (infectious diseases [...]

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