When a pet is sick or has been injured, it’s not always easy to detect the signs of a problem by simply looking at them – especially if the illness or injury is internal. What’s more, many animals can tolerate pain and can therefore mask the signs of a problem for a long time, exhibiting few to no signs that something is wrong until the condition has progressed or worsened.

The only way to truly manage the health of your pet is through veterinary diagnostics. These tools allow our veterinarians to get a glimpse beneath the surface of the skin and learn exactly what’s happening inside your pet’s body. We can then effectively diagnose and treat whatever may be ailing your pet in a timely manner.

The comprehensive veterinary diagnostic services offered at Don Head Village Animal Clinic include everything from routine blood work and urinalysis to more complex diagnostic techniques, like digital x-ray and ultrasound imaging. Our hospital uses a local, internationally reputable veterinary-specific laboratory, where we are able to run a broad range of tests and obtain accurate results quickly. We are also able to run emergency blood work on our in-clinic blood machines for immediate results. This is especially important for cases in which time is of the essence and a timely diagnosis is critical.

When it comes to staying on top of your pet’s ongoing health, and identifying medical problems in a timely manner, veterinary diagnostics are our most valuable tools. The sooner we get to the bottom of the problem, the sooner we can have your pet back on the path to good health again.

Digital Radiology