April 15.14 - Sleeping kittyAfter a long day at work, you arrive home and walk through your front door. Like clockwork, your dog jumps excitedly at your feet begging for attention while your cat doesn’t even glance your way and continues to groom lazily on the couch. You call out to your cat by name hoping for some acknowledgment – but all you get is a twitch of an ear. Many studies have determined that dogs respond both behaviourally and communicatively to their owners’ voices but what about cats? Can your cat tell the difference between your voice and that which belongs to a complete stranger?


A recent study concluded that your furry feline does recognize your voice and can distinguish your voice among different voices of the same gender. The study filmed cats in their home environments while playing audio recordings of strangers and their owners calling out the cats’ names in a random order. The videos were studied for the cats’ responses based on the intensity of ear, head and tail movements, pupil dilation, and vocalization. The videos showed that cats react distinctly to their owners’ voices in both behaviour and degree of response – the most common response being head and ear movement. A few cats actually vocalized and twitched their tails in response to their owners’ voices.


So, the answer to the original question: Does your cat recognize your voice? Yes! Don’t believe us? Check this out. Whether they choose to acknowledge your presence is another story….