If you’ve ever had to give your cat a pill, you know how difficult it can be! Try these three methods for administering a pill to your feline.

Crushing Method

Sometimes, you can simply crush up a pill and sprinkle it over your cat’s food. Use a mortar and pestle, a spoon, or any object that works for you, and crush the pill in to a fine powder. Carefully sprinkle it on your cat’s food. Chances are she’ll never notice it was there.

Of course, this method isn’t always viable, because some pills are meant to be administered slowly and won’t work correctly if crushed up. ALWAYS ask us before trying the crushing method—you don’t want to render the medicine ineffective, or worse, make the dosage too strong or large.

Hiding Method

An easier method may be the hiding method. This involves simply hiding the pill in a little clump of your cat’s food. Many cats will gobble up their usual food without ever realizing a pill was inside of it. You can also try hiding the pill in a dab of special food that your cat rarely eats, like tuna. Feed her a few morsels of the food first, then feed her the clump containing the pill. Most likely she’ll be completely unaware she just took her medicine.

Wrapping Method

If your cat is extra savvy and the above methods don’t work, you’ll have to take the manual approach. Wrap your cat up in a soft blanket to make her feel secure and to prevent you from getting scratched. With one hand, open your cat’s jaws by pressing your thumb and forefinger on the jaw hinges at the side of your cat’s mouth. Hold the head back and place the pill in your cat’s mouth with your other hand. Try to place it as far back in the mouth as possible, near the base of the tongue.

Close your cat’s mouth and gently massage the neck to stimulate swallowing. Make sure the cat has swallowed the pill. Praise her and offer a treat.

If you’re still having trouble, contact us at the Don Head Village Animal Clinic for help