Medicine is constantly evolving and adapting to changes around us. Much like how humans evolved over time, so have bacteria, parasites, and fungi. The changes in these organisms have presented serious challenges in veterinary (as well as human) medicine, especially when it comes to treating contagious illnesses. Unfortunately, our pets are particularly vulnerable to organisms that cause illness because of their physical exposure to the environment combined with their lack of hygiene.


Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) refer to bacteria, parasites, and fungi that have evolved defenses, rendering conventional medicine and antibiotic treatments no longer effective. Though MDROs developed due to the natural growth/evolution of parasites, bacteria, and fungi, improper use of antibiotics are one of the main causes for this problem. Have you ever missed a dose of your antibiotics or stopped taking them altogether? Unfortunately this is an all-too- common mistake, of which many of us are guilty. If you or your pet are prescribed antibiotics for any condition, please ensure to complete any treatments as prescribed, even if you or your pet feels better. Our future depends on it!