The goal of every caring pet parent is to help their furry companion enjoy as many healthy, happy years as possible. The best way to achieve this goal is to make a commitment to ongoing wellness care. Because animals age at a much faster rate than we do, we recommend bringing your pet in for a thorough physical exam and comprehensive wellness check at least once a year. This allows us to both measure your companion’s current health, and to monitor it for any changes over time. Disease prevention and early detection can vastly improve the length and quality of your pet’s life.

Don Head Village Animal Clinic offers complete wellness care services designed to assist our patients through every life stage. As your pet ages, we will adapt our wellness services to meet their changing health care needs. For instance, while your kitten’s annual visits may focus on vaccinations and nutrition, your adult dog’s visits will target disease prevention and weight control. Likewise, your senior pet’s care will shift toward health screenings and how we can make his or her golden years as happy and comfortable as possible. We want to deliver the precise care your pet needs at the very moment it’s needed for optimum results.

One of the most important benefits of routine wellness visits is the opportunity they provide our doctors to detect, diagnose and treat illness and disease in its earliest stages. For many medical conditions, identifying and treating them right away can vastly improve the chances of a positive outcome for your pet. Early diagnosis of a disease process can help your pet live a longer healthier life. What’s more, disease prevention and early detection can also save you a great deal of money over time since it is always much less costly than treating a disease once it’s progressed.

Most importantly, when you bring your pet in to see us once or twice a year, it gives us a chance to develop a relationship with both of you. We believe that the better we get to know you and understand your pet’s unique needs, the better we will be able to develop the most customized, effective health care plan available. We want to become more than just your family vet – we want to become your trusted partner with the shared goal of ensuring that your pet receives the best possible care throughout his or her lifetime.

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